The Centre of International Cooperation "Inter Aspect" under the aegis of European Choral Association - Europa Cantat and East European Centre ECA organize The First International Forum of Choral Conductors and invite the choral conductors of the world to participate in the forum, to introduce the new achievements in conducting and work with choir, to exchange the experience with Russian and foreign specialists.


Targets and tasks of the Forum:

  • Organization of open space for communication of choir conductors from many countries, for development and improvement of international creative links in the sphere of choir conducting;
  • Creation of spirit of creative unity of choir conductors, experts’ lessons, enrichment of repertoire, problem discussion and search for their solutions;
  • Creative initiative development stimulation and conductor’s work improvement;
  • Drawing of attention of public, administrative and educational institutions to choral singing as a powerful method of upbringing of the rising generation;
  • Preservation and development of Russian traditions of choral culture using the state-of-the-art methodology and technical informational resources;
  • Forming the new mechanisms of mutually beneficial cooperation with international choir associations with the view of support of specialists’ innovations and activities;
  • Forming and development on the all-Russian level of the uniform information base of the system of "Choir conducting": conductors, choirs, events (festivals, contests), programs and methodologies of the new generation; notation publishing; musical media;
  • Familiarization with information technologies, announcement of the websites focused on choral singing;



St.Petersburg Union of composers
State Academic Capella of St. Petersburg
United Festivals Portal (Moscow, Russia)
Creative Association «Art Attache»


Participants of forum:

  • Leaders of choirs and ensembles from over the world;
  • Teachers of music colleges and schools;
  • Students of music academies, colleges and conservatoires;
  • Age of participants is no limit;


Procedure and terms of conducting of the event:

  • Official languages of the forum: Russian and English;
  • All the participants of the forum will be divided into groups by 50 persons; each group shall work under an individual program, each group will have a responsible person from the organizing committee;
  • Every participant of the Forum must attend all events under the group program;
  • Every group has two supervisors-conductors: a Russian specialist and a foreign specialist. The group shall prepare a program of some musical compositions, the best of them will be included in the final concert of the Forum;
  • The final concert of the Forum with participation of all groups will be conducted in the form of the evening concert in the presence of audience. At the final of the Concert, all the Forum participants will perform two compositions in the assembled choir;
  • The scores used by the conductors in their work will be sent to participants by e-mail in advance;
  • Every participant will receive The Forum Catalogue and notation Book;
  • A Fair of notation editions, festival, media will work during the Forum.


Directions of work on Forum:

Modern music – presentation of music materials (groups’ performances, work with scores, open rehearsals), fundamentals of work in this direction, meetings with composers;

Spiritual music – presentation of repertoire, refinement of work with spiritual music and texts; master-classes and open lessons with groups whose repertoire is based on the spiritual compositions;

Folk music for choir – work with arrangements of choir music, modern approach to folk repertoire. Sensation of time in presentation of material;

Work with children – special repertoire for children’s choirs, specifics of work, presentation of notation material for children and open lessons with children’s groups of Saint Petersburg;

Ancient music – selection of repertoire, specifics of work, presentation of notation materials, open rehearsals, master-classes;

Arrangement and composition – a presentation of group sounding problem solving methodology with a slight revision (reduction of a number of parts, simplifying the intervals), or otherwise, making a primitive composition more interesting and advantageous;

Work with vocalism – presentation of approaches to work with vocalism; how to reach a better sounding

Rehearsal work – presentation of the new methodology of learning the compositions; demonstration of opportunities of using the electronic means;

Specifics of work with different casts – specifics of work with homogeneous casts; demonstration of methodologies that can be borrowed for mixed choirs;

Stage movement – presentation of stage movements and staging of compositions as theatrical fragments;

The group image making and organization of trips – presentation of choir portals in the Internet, creation of the Group presentation, announcement of festivals and contests.