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Dear friends!


I sincerely welcome all the organizers and participants of the 5th International Dance Festival «SUPER DANCE from folk to modern»!

The language of the dance is easily understood and clear to everyone, it demonstrates national traditions and customs, helps to convey emotions and experiences, it is an expression of freedom and inspiration. The Festival becomes a meaningful and important event for all its participants, primarily because it gives young people the opportunity to test their abilities, to believe in themselves.

From the bottom of my heart I wish the participants of the Festival creative success, overcoming all difficulties and tireless energy in reaching new horizons, new heights for the benefit of our national culture!


Chairman of the Committee for culture of the Leningrad Region        

E.V. Chaikovsky

Dear Participants of the International Festival-CompetitionНиколай Цискаридзе

«SUPER DANCE from folk to modern»!

Recently I have noticed with joy that more and more people of different ages and professions find time and energy to get directly involved with one of the oldest and finest arts — the art of dance. It is important that the Festival brings together both amateurs and professionals; those who favor folk dancing, and those who preserve the traditions of the classical ballet school, or, on the contrary, seek to realize themselves in various areas of contemporary choreography. I have no doubt that everyone will receive not only amazing impressions from one of the most beautiful cities in the world, but also an invaluable opportunity to exchange experiences, to engage in interesting and creative communication! I wish everyone inspiration and successful performances!


of the A. Vaganova Academy of Russian Ballet,

People’s Artist of the Russian Federation

N.M. Tsiskaridze

Богданов2I wholeheartedly welcome the participants, jury members, organizers and guests of the 5th International Festival Competition «SUPER DANCE from folk to modern»!

It is gratifying to see that this artistic event has become a traditional celebration of spring and dance, contributing to the revival of great traditions of the Russian school of choreography, enrichment of the professional horizons of its participants, exchange of innovative experiences in the field of ensemble performance.

This festival-competition is a notable event in the cultural life of the city, that attracts a large number of participants from the regions of the Russian Federation and foreign countries. Talented young people have an opportunity to display their talents, to say their word in the art of dance, to offer new ways of its development.

Hopefully, the participation in this creative forum will be a significant milestone in the professional career of young dancers, and the experience gained will allow them to go confidently to new heights, victories, accomplishments!


Acting Rector of the Russian State A.I. Herzen University,

winner of the Presidential Prize in education, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of education,

Doctor of philology, Professor


Dear friends!


I am glad to welcome the participants of the 5th International Festival and Competition «SUPER DANCE from Folk to Modern»! The annual performance of teams from different countries in the halls of the Ethnographic Museum is undoubtedly a cultural event in the field of folk dance art and is truly admired by the residents and guests of St. Petersburg. I wish the organizers of the Festival creative success, and its participants — new impressions and professional achievements!

Director of the Russian Museum of Ethnography

V. M. Grusman

РЫЖОВ А.Г. ДНТDear friends! Dear participants of the Festival!


I cordially welcome you at the 5th International Festival-Competition «Super Dance from Folk to Modern»!

It is a wonderful festival of spring and dance, which takes place for the fifth time, a remarkable and exciting event for all dance teams. The festival allows to discover talented performers and teachers, contributes to the birth of new friendships, and, most importantly, makes a great contribution to the common cultural space.

I wish the participants, organizers and spectators excellent festival days, new discoveries and vivid impressions!


Director of the Leningrad Region State Cultural Organization

«House of Folk Art» Honored Worker of Culture of the Russian Federation                           

A.G. Ryzhov