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European Association of Folklore Festivals ART-CENTER - ALL FESTIVALS IN ONE PORTAL

Jury 2016


LUDMILA KASIMANOVA (Russia)Касиманова жюри

Head of the department of choreography of Institute of Music, theater and choreography of Herzen State Pedagogical University of Russia, Associate Professor, Ph.D.; winner of international competitions.

shavit жюри


The founder, owner, artistic director and chief choreographer at Studio LIFE, a leading center for jazz, dance and performing arts; conceived, created and managed Israel’s first Dance and Jazz Festival in the resort town of Eilat (2004); choreographer for various children tapes  and of various children theater productions.

Arman жюри


President of the Caucasus Association of international festivals, President of the World Association for the Performing Arts, Vice-President of the World Council of Culture and Arts; the member of the UNESCO International Dance Council, European and World Association of Folklore Festivals, international referee; European and World Champion in folk dances; organizer of the International Caucasus Championship competition in Armenia, artistic director of the Gold Stars Dance Studio (Armenia). He was awarded the Gold Medal of the UNESCO dance community, the Order of the Maltese Cross, the Pope’s Gold Medal by the Ministry of Culture of Italy (2016).

Горбунова жюри



Choreographer, winner of the UNESCO Silver Badge «For merit in choreographic art»; Head of choreography at the «House of Folk Arts» of the Committee on Culture of the Leningrad Region.

ILYA KUZNETSOV (Russia)Kuznetsov jury

Honored Artist of Russia, People’s Artist of the Republic of North Ossetia-Alania; soloist of the Mariinsky Theatre (1995-2014), the founder and General Director of «Ilya Kuznetsov’s Ballet School for Children», President of the Foundation «Promotion and Revival of the Russian Art», a member of the UNESCO International Dance Association, the winner of the theatrical award «Golden Floodlight» (St. Petersburg, 2000-2001) in the category «The best ballet performance.»


Почетное Линева Н.Н.

Nadezhda Lineva (Russia)

President of the NGO «Women and the economy of St. Petersburg», Vice-President, Member of the Board of the Russian public organization «Women in Business», Chairperson of the Board of Trustees of the St. Petersburg training center «The Okhta Center of aesthetic education», Director of the first international competition of young visually challenged musicians «Above the Self» with Nadezhda».

SPECIAL PRIZE «For consolidating peace»

А painting by Anatoly Annenkov, a member of the Union of Artists of St. Petersburg

Oleg Moiseev (Russia)Почетное жюри Моисеев

Head of the executive committee of the Krasnogvardeisky local (district) chapter of the «UNITED RUSSIA» Party.

SPECIAL PRIZE «For creative achievements in education of the younger generation»

EПочетное жюри  Угароваugenia Ugarova (Russia)


Head of the «Russian troika» dance ensemble at the Krasnogvardeisky culture and leisure center.

SPECIAL PRIZE «For outstanding achievements in the field of choreographic art»

Anastasia Gorbunova (Russia)Почетное жюри Анастасия Горбунова

Member of the Municipal Council of «Malaya Okhta» intracity municipality of St. Petersburg, city editor of the «Sankt-Peterburgsky Dnevnik» newspaper.

SPECIAL PRIZE «Тhe hope of dancing Russia»


Почетное жюри МорозоваAnna Morozova (Russia)


Deputy Director for cultural and leisure activities of St. Petersburg Krasnogvardeisky culture and leisure center. Member of the Russian Union of creative professionals.

SPECIAL PRIZE «For the preservation of national origins»

Anna Veselova (RussiПочетное жюри Веселоваa)

Anna Veselova (Russia) is member of the Union of Concert Performers, member of the Union of professional writers, Director of the «Union of Artists» Publishing House, Deputy Chairman of Russian public organization «Women in Business» in St. Petersburg.


Почетное жюри  Кондрин ДмитрийDmitry Kondrin (Russia)

Executive Director of the «Promotion and Revival of Russian Art Foundation».

SPECIAL PRIZE «For high performance skills»